MUAY THAI is a sport for EVERYONE, men, women and children due to its mental and physical advantages. It is the perfect blend of CARDIO, STRENGTH and ENDURANCE training. 

Being pushed to BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE by a smiling Thai Buddhist is something special. It’s the BEST HARD WORK you’ll ever do.

Come and meet Wut, a professional MUAY THAI FIGHTER and TRAINER from Thailand with over 200 professional fights. Wut is ranked number 3 in South Thailand at 118lbs.


Wut teaches authentic Muay Thai focussing on stance, footwork, and balance, strikes, kicks, knees, and elbows technique, how to block and clinching. 

MUAY THAI increases your flexibility, core stability and mental clarity. You will get FIT, LOSE WEIGHT, gain MUSCLE, have increased ENERGY, feel GOOD and have FUN.

Muay Thai is an Olympic Sport and will feature in the 2024 Olympic Games being hosted in Paris, France.