Hello, my name is Wut, and this is my story:


Sawadee kup (hello)

When I was eight I travelled with my uncle to Singpatong Gym in Phuket. I began training Muay Thai five and a half hours everyday, running, bag work and pad work. After two months of training, I had my first fight, and continued fighting every two weeks thereafter, learning everything I know in the ring. I fought under the name Singsiam meaning Thai Lion. I used the money I won from fights to pay for school.

I missed my home and family, so when I was ten, I returned home to Trang and started training and fighting at a gym in Trang. I trained before and after school everyday. I fought all over South Thailand under the name Komawut meaning blade warrior. 

By the age of twenty I had amassed over 100 fights and was ranked number 3 in South Thailand at 118lbs. 

At age twenty two I travelled to Bangkok and for the next two years fought at Lumpini and Rajadamnern Stadiums. My fights were televised on Thai TV channel 11. I fought under the fight name Komkrit meaning three pronged knife. 

Living in a busy city, I missed the beautiful countryside of South Thailand. I left Bangkok and at age twenty five I started teaching students on beautiful Phi Phi Island and Koh Lanta. I continued fighting throughout South Thailand and at twenty six I won the Championship belt at 130lbs at Ao nung Stadium in Krabi. 

When I was twenty eight I started working at Rawai Muay Thai in Khao Lak, training many students from all over the world, from beginners to fighters. In 2018, I came to Australia and have been teaching Muay Thai. 

I am very excited to open my own gym in Mona Vale, sharing my love, passion, and knowledge of Muay Thai. 

Kob Khun Kup (thank you)

Wut 🙏